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Eco friendly solutions applied through micron dry fogging systems to achieve 99.99% disinfection


Tailored solutions to achieve disinfection standards safe for societal activity.


Quick disinfection of interiors of vehicles for safe and assured use.


Protect yourself and your business against the deadly coronavirus

Why Klynse

  • US EPA & CDC approved formula used for disinfecting Covid-19 virus

  • First in India to use DCGI certified chemicals for disinfection

  • Micron dry fogging technology leaves no marks on your surfaces, furnishings & electronics

  • Eco friendly and safe disinfectant solutions which achieve 99.99% effectiveness

  • Trained and certified technicians for application

  • 24/7 service availability

Our Solutions

We have custom solutions to address your needs. Book an appointment with our experts now so that we can offer you the best solutions to ensure utmost care.


Flats & villaments
Villas & independent houses
Apartment complexes
Co-living spaces


Hospitals & Clinics
Factories & Warehouses
Malls, Supermarkets, Multiplexes

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Why is disinfection required ?

It is an important element of environmental hygiene. Any transmittable disease can make us sick if there is significant microbial load in the environment. We can avoid infection from harmful as well as other microorganisms which impact our general health and immunity.

Disinfection, when done correctly, kills 99.99% of the environmental microorganisms. In the current situation of the Covid-19 outbreak, disinfection needs to be done periodically to maintain a hygienic environment at home and workplaces.

Reference 1 : US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) added Hypochlorous Acid as an approved disinfectant against Covid-19

Reference 2 : Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19 by Australian government

Can I stay/be present in the premises during the disinfection of coronavirus ?

Yes. Our disinfection solution is completely safe for humans, surfaces and environment. Our solution is non-flammable, non irritable and non carcinogenic. We still recommend a limited downtime, mainly to allow our solution to get maximum exposure to kill all microbial elements in the environment

Should I do cleaning pre or post the disinfection service ?

No pre cleaning activities need to be done. Our professionals will ensure that disinfection happens as per stipulated standards. Our solution does not leave any stains post disinfection on surfaces. No cleaning post disinfection activity is needed.

Will the solution cause any damage to IT equipment like servers & laptops or electronic items ?

No. Our solution is completely safe to be used in office and server rooms.It has been tested to have no impact on the internal functioning of electronics and IT equipment.

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