Make your workplace COVID COMBAT READY

Klynse offers a comprehensive set of services to ensure best protection and safety for your employees.

Conceptualisation & Implementation of SOPs for reopening

Disinfection Tunnels: Installation and Maintenance

Commercial Disinfection Services - Indoor, Outdoor & Automobile

WFH Infrastructure Supply

Chemical and PPE Supply

Residential disinfection for employees

Our key focus areas 


Plan your opening
  • Create SOP for reopening your campus

  • Plan Validation and Audit

  • Implement all pre-launch activities

  • Achieve Stage 1 of Re-Opening

  • Achieve Stage 2 of Re-Opening


Preparing your office
  • Risk analysis for making your office infection free

  • Surface and Environmental Disinfection Strategy

  • Choosing the right disinfectant

  • And the right Application process

  • Disinfection tunnels


Partnering with your employees
  • Build confidence among employees about facility preparation

  • Encouraging and Facilitating Personal Hygiene

  • Educate Employees On Prevention

  • Managing Comorbidity Risks

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