Solutions for offices & commercial spaces

Klynse offers a comprehensive disinfection service for offices and commercial establishments which have been shutdown of operations to stop the spread of Covid-19. The fight against Covid-19 has highlighted importance of environmental hygiene which is needed to prevent virus spread and to sustain employee health and productivity. Hence it is imperative that disinfection be done before occupying the premises and periodically based on the guidelines. As per the CDC guidelines , disinfection has to be done irrespective of cleaning as part of the precautions to provide a healthy environment by helping to reduce pathogen loads and hence Covid-19 transmission.

Commercial establishments like warehouses, malls, factories, hospitals etc have a constant movement of human traffic to conduct various activities. This leads to contimation of the environment with not just Covid-19 but many other pathogens which affect health. Our application technology and disinfection solutions achieves 99.99% effectiveness in reducing the risk of infection. Our solutions are completely safe for human inhalation and are certified for application on laptops, desktops, printers and all other IT equipments. The ultra fine dissemination of disinfectants also ensures that there are no marks left on the surfaces, furnishings, electronics and IT equipments. There is no requirement for any cleaning post disinfection which minimises the downtime and the overall cost of the disinfection.

As a professional disinfection company, our trained and certified technicians are equipped with proper PPE (Personal protective equipment) such as chemical masks, goggles and gloves to ensure that they are fully protected to avoid any contagion of infection.

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