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Klynse offers a comprehensive disinfection service for your household as per the CDC guidelines . As per the guidelines, disinfection has to be a part of the toolkit to ensure a healthy environment by helping to reduce pathogen loads and hence prevent Covid-19 transmission.

Disinfection is important to make the environment hygienic. Whenever we move outside the house and comeback, we carry with us a bioburden. This gets suspended in the environment or settles on surfaces. The same thing happens in the common area of your apartment complex like lift lobbies, corridors, gym and club houses, play areas and walkways when someone from outside comes in like delivery boys, handymen, security and maids.

We use Micro Dry Fogging technology for indoor disinfection and agro sprayers for outdoors. In combination with this we do surface disinfection based on CDC guidelines. The technology enables ultra fine dissemination of disinfectants that achieve 99.99% effectiveness while leaving no marks on the surfaces, furnishings, electronics and IT equipments. There is no requirement for cleaning post disinfection which minimises the downtime and the overall cost of the disinfection. We recommend to switch off the ACs and ventilation systems during the disinfection process and subsequently turned on immediately after the application. The disinfectants used are non-toxic , non-corrosive, non hazardous and non-carcinogenic.

As a professional disinfection company, our trained and certified technicians are equipped with proper PPE (Personal protective equipment) such as chemical masks, goggles and gloves to ensure that they are fully protected to avoid any contagion of infection.

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