Safety first, for your loved ones
Disinfecting your new home is an important step to ensure a safe environment for your loved ones, as it reduces the pathogen levels and thereby reduces chances of Covid-19 transmission massively. The new home you are moving into during relocation is an unknown premise to you in terms of the bioburden it carries. The possibility of human interactions on your private living spaces prior to the move-in/acquisition of the premise are generally high as maintenance, cleaning and other activities which occur before handover involves a lot of human interactions within the premises. These interactions or touch points can bring in a lot of harmful microorganisms and can create a risk for you and your family during this severe Covid-19 outbreak. As per the CDC guidelines, disinfecting your premise using the right solutions is the ideal protection for your family before you start living in the new premises. Talk to your move planner to avail the free* disinfection service from KLYNSE for your new home during relocation.

The disinfection has to be performed in indoor and outdoor areas wherever above-said human touch points are possible.We use Micro Dry Fogging technology for indoor disinfection and agro sprayers for outdoors. In combination with this we do surface disinfection based on CDC guidelines. The micro dry technology enables ultra fine dissemination of disinfectants that achieve 99.99% effectiveness while leaving no marks on the surfaces, furnishings, electronics and IT equipment. There is no requirement for cleaning post disinfection which minimises the downtime and the overall cost of the disinfection. The disinfectants used are non-toxic , non-corrosive, non hazardous and non-carcinogenic.

Consult with your move planner to avail the free* disinfection service from KLYNSE along with the move. Or submit an enquiry below. 

* pay only for the chemicals as per tariff 

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